Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Heineken Approach to Discussion - reaching the parts others can not reach.....

An interesting approach for encouraging participation and engagement with a subject whilst harnessing the wisdom of the crowds do you think?

Such an approach was demonstrated in the politics field this week when Obama posted a video to ask for questions on health care reform. Hundreds of submissions were posted over a few days and yesterday he answered some of the best submissions.

Could this be replicated in educational arenas? It certainly supports a conversational approach to learning.

Those who did not post questions could watch a live streamed video of the president's response but also take part in the conversation by

The White House staff indicated that they would monitor all of these conversations closely during the event and attempt to look for ways to incorporate the feedback supplied into the conversation.

The conversation didn't end there either with the White House staff declaring that they would be following up after the event in the coming days by trying to get to as many un-addressed questions as possible and by addressing follow-up questions to his answers in these conversational spaces.