Wednesday, 25 March 2015

TeachMeet Pilot: Incremental Improvements

Terms of Reference suggested for such events focus on informality, fluid, customisable, pragmatic ideas driven and inspiring activity of mixed methods and without rules.
  • Should "TeachMeets" try and meet these objectives? 
  • How do/could (if not currently) TeachMeets meet these objectives? 
  • How could such events be further improved? 
Please comment on your thoughts and views below or record them on the paper bricks provided

TeachMeet Pilot: Timing Tricks

Brevity is the name of the game with this sort of event and today's session was briefer than originally hoped.

Please share views with your partner on:
  • The best time to run such events during the day 
  • The best time in the year to run such events 
  • The ideal length for such events, discussion activity and micro presentations
Feed your thoughts back by commenting on this post or writing your thoughts down on the paper bricks provided.

TeachMeet Pilot: What Next?

In order to flush out your perspective on "TeachMeets" as a means of cross team mobilization, communication and CPD for T&L and Research Support Teams in this instance.....

Please trade some ideas with your partner on possible topics for future sessions and consider the following questions:
  • Should today's TeachMeet be a one off or serialized event?

  • How willing are you to take the lead and run an event yourself should the opportunity present itself?

  • How confident or able do you feel able to call, mobilize and run such cross functional 'collaborations' with or without support?
Please post your views via commenting below or record them on the paper bricks provided

TeachMeet Pilot: It's All in a Name

Welcome to today's 'Teachmeet'.

The background information supplied in advance of this first get together shared some brain stormed ideas on possible names for this type of get together. Given the range of 'events' or 'activities' that could adopt this model, Teachmeet might be too specific a term for common use.

Discuss this between you and feedback your combined thoughts by commenting on this blog post or noting them on the paper provided. What is your preferred name for this sort of event (choose from list provided in your background email or suggest your own)?