Thursday, 11 June 2009

Is Social Learning what e-learning always should have been about?

Thought I would start with a question today rather than end with one - am feeling rather reckless!

Is Social Learning what e-learning always should have been about: "information, instruction, education, training, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing"?

It seems it's one reason (number 4) of the 10 good reasons to get involved in social organisational learning:

..... and if it is indeed accepted that 20% of learning takes place formally and 80% takes place informally then is the future of Elearning - Social Learning?

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  1. Facebook as personal metrics and the role of networking sites to re-create and re-imagine the relationships students, teachers, administrators, and parents have with education and whether Facebook, and other social networking sites can be used to create the future of learning is a current discussion thread on the 'Future of Learning' Forum - here is the thread link to track discussions there:

    Meanwhile the power of social media to change lives is now being 'distilled, bottled and offered up as a Masters level degree' by Salford and Birmingham University in the UK

    The Salford version is fast becoming known as the 'Facebook Degree' and being promoted as suitable for “creative social entrepreneurs, people who want to make a change to themselves and communities, deploying media for social good.”


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