Thursday, 5 March 2009

Conversing in Cyberspace

How can cyberspace facilitate dialogue?

The equivalent of this in cyberspace might be:

1. 'Lexia' - a collaborative effort in terms of 'textual combinations of thoughts, forms of dialogue, links leading to material produced by others with links to material published by others;

2. Hypertext - linking associated connections, produced by others, together in a collaborative way

3. Blogs used for dialogue - between oneself in reflective mode and/or between student and tutor. Discussion, debate, feedback can take place via comments function.

4. Recorded conversation taken from asynchronous discussion boards. A never ending conversation which can be extended and added to over time.

5. Transcripts taken from synchronus chat sessions conducted in spaces such as Skype or Second Life.

6. Wikis with their inbuilt collaborative space.

7. Eportfolios which have scope for including conversation as digital artefacts

8. Social Networking sites eg Facebook, Nature Network

9. Twitter; Diig and other similar web 2.0 conversational spaces

Most of this type of chat in cyberspace is textual but:

10. Podcasts can record interviews, academic discourse on trends or advances in their field, presentations with question and answer sessions

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  1. Discussions with my course peers in Daves learning event also make me think of Vlogs - short video reflections or even videod conversations?


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