Friday, 6 March 2009

Role of Conversation or Dialogue in Education

This is fast becoming a favourite topic of mine, you may have noticed from my other postings.

Indeed a lot of the material we are reading in our course design module covers this topic in passing. I intend to blog about this here and hope to use this content at some point during the course for assessment purposes. It would fit with this module (Course Design), Information Literacy and would be a good dissertation topic perhaps?


  1. I am impressed how you have a rather well structrured view.. already thinking about the diss topic! And indeed also a nice research topic!! Really nice to have an insight in the origin and progression of your 'conversation' interest.

  2. Thanks Iris, I have to say now discussion and oomments are manifesting themselves here and on the DB in webct for my learning activity in Course Design, I can see how conversation flushes out many perspectives, issues, angles etc.

    It also helps me see the different directions the topic could go in and where a focus could develop too.

    That chat, whilst being informal, is very academic, realistic and pragmatic although I think I would need help and guidance on getting organised and conducting quantitive data analysis on it.

    I know just the expert...... do you?

  3. oops - I meant 'comment' of course

    but I like this new word an 'oomment' kind of sums up what comments can do if they add or extend a concept, thought or debate or lead to a new connection or eurika moment - its an:

    OOMMENT! - (comment leading to an ooh moment)

    isnt it?


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