Thursday, 5 March 2009

Keesing-Styles on Conversation

Keesing-Styles (2003) finds further connections between dialogue and critical pedagogies with critical consciousness being developed via ‘authentic dialogue’ between students and teachers.

Keesing-Styles (2003 pg 4) talks about humanised education which is about the collaborative and collective production of knowledge grounded in the reality of students lives in contrast to the historical or more traditional banking form of education, as labelled by Freire in 1984. ‘Dialogic relations’ she states ‘should be at the heart of any educational experience’ as ‘human life holds meaning through communication’.


Keesing-Styles, L. (2003). The relationship between critical pedagogy and assessment in teacher education. Radical Pedagogy 5(1). Retrieved: 28 October 2008.

Shor, I. (1993). Education is politics: Paulo Freire's critical pedagogy. In Paulo Freire: a critical encounter. P. McLaren and P. Leonard (Eds.). (London, Routledge): pp. 25-35

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