Thursday, 4 May 2017

Making the Most of Your PHD - Tip 11

High achieving Postgrads are enterprising in their research and entrepreneurial in outlook

  • Research Innovators and Academic Entrepreneurs do not overlook the business of research
  • Research driven Universities must be innovative organisations
  • PhD is training in innovation - a novel/original contribution
  • PGRs are Innovators, Creators and Pioneers, enterprising in research
  • Scientists and engineers make good entrepreneurs
  • Academic Entrepreneurs
  • Successful PGRs know University is a business and needs to secure funding to survive - So value business awareness, acumen and training
    • significant research funding from industry
    • accelerated research grants
    • commercialising research is one way to extend reach and impact
    • spin out companies and/or patents and inventions
    • Industry and University research collaborations and sandpits
    • research leader roles, funding grant bids and applications, research strategy decisions, budget and resource management
    • social enterprise & societal benefits of innovative research
  • Roles outside academia - in industry or university academic liaison roles
  • Business skills development - via PGR enterprise competitions (YES and Ingenuity Lab)

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