Thursday, 4 May 2017

Making the Most of Your PHD - Tip 2

Prepare to lead and lead to prepare 


  • Prepare to lead your own research-enterprise from the start - take control
  • Don’t depend too much on your supervisors
  • Work towards cutting loose as an independent researcher
  • Early simple ways include:
    • preparing for supervisor meetings with progress outlines, plans, checklists of items for review, sign off, approval AND outstanding questions or advice required
    • talking to presenters after seminars
    • and reaching out to academic authors online 
  • Look for leadership opportunities during PhD to demonstrate independence and in later stages cut loose from supervisor 
    • propose, contribute, convene, host, run events and student led initiatives 
    • pitch a new mini project idea to win funding via UNICAS Sandpits 
    • bridging postdoc awards – eg EPSRC Doctoral Prize 
    • spin out your research idea or extend research reach and impact -your research may ultimately have greater impact outside your field

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