Thursday, 4 May 2017

Making the Most of Your PHD - Tip 4

Make the most of opportunities, CPD courses and events

  • Many previous PhD students wish they did this more whilst at University
  • Many freely available whilst at University
  • Or at reduced rate when 'still a student'
  • Make sure you are aware of what’s available to you
  • Faculty PGR training programme 
  • Graduate School courses, Professional Body CPD
  • Competitions/awards, short-term paid placements 
  • Shadowing and meeting attendance - insights into how Academia works 
  • Coding and programming, statistics training or peer communities 
  • Monitor Engineering and Science Graduate Centre events
  • Gain teaching experience - via teaching new or existing courses on the PGR Engineering Training Programme; Applying for demonstrator/tutor roles; Follow Associate Teaching Pathway for accreditation
  • Professional bodies - join and subscribe to take advantage of student member rates
  • Travel awards and 'newbie' funding applications for Conference attendance

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